Steel truss welding machine

Steel truss welding machine
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1. Equipment overview

The production line of steel bar truss is composed of wire setting, straightening, bending of side bars, welding and forming, automatic shearing.

The automatic production line integrating cutting and finished aggregate can produce both steel bar truss for steel bar truss floor slab and PC steel bar truss for assembly building. It is widely used in building (preset floor slab) and high-speed railway (two-piece sleeper) construction and other fields.


2. Major equipment

2.1. Steel truss welder


(1)Layout rack

The discharging frame includes base, disc, brake mechanism, guide mechanism, missing material detection and pull force detection.Bearings are installed between the base and the disc to allow the disc to rotate flexibly while working, and the brake mechanism can adjust the flexibility of the disc when no discharging occurs so that the parked steel bar discs will not automatically disengage. Missing material detection and pull force detection are used to stop the machine when the disc is missing or stuck and to alarm at the same time.


(2)Straightening mechanism

Straightening mechanism includes base, frame, straightening wheel and guiding mechanism.Straightening wheels include transverse and vertical straightening wheels, half of which are mounted on sliders and the steel bar can be straightened by adjusting the wheels to the proper position.



The main machine is the main functional part of the welding machine, including tensioning parts, clamping feeding parts, wave-forming parts, upper welding parts, lower welding parts, limit parts, auxiliary feeding parts, shaping parts, scissors parts and discharging parts.All components except discharging parts are driven by hydraulic cylinders.

(4)Discharging rack

The unloading frame includes frame, turnover mechanism and extension frame.Frame height can be adjusted as required; tilting mechanism is driven by cylinders.

(5)Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system includes hydraulic station, hydraulic valve, regulating valve, accumulator, cylinder, oil pipe, water cooling system.The hydraulic rated working pressure is 8 - 9 MPa.

(6)Electrical system

Electrical system includes one high and low voltage distribution cabinet, one operating console, pneumatic circuit for discharging and unloading, etc.

(7)Water Cooling System

(8)Safety mechanism

2.2. CNC steel bar bender



The equipment is highly automated and can input hundreds of geometric machining graphics in advance (or compile graphics by itself).Arbitrary setting of the required processing dimensions, a variety of graphics for your discretion.The perfect combination of functions such as straightening, rule setting, bending and cutting of reinforcing bars truly realizes the function of one machine and many functions.The equipment only needs one person to operate and the maximum production capacity is 1800 hourly, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor costs.Two-wire work can achieve efficient operation and improve production efficiency.Servo control system is used. Servo motors and servo drives are all of international famous brands with high running precision and low failure rate. Fully automatic and uninterrupted bending forming process is realized.

2.3 CNC high-speed straightening machine


With induction switch detection, the structure is mature and stable, and the accuracy of length error <1 mm can be achieved.

Straightening bar is straightened with straightening block, which simplifies straightening operation and reduces labor intensity.

The whole machine adopts dust-proof enclosed design, which ensures safe operation and increases the service life of the equipment by more than 30%.

Private service shear speed and straightening speed are synchronized to achieve the ability of shear shutdown.

2.4. Butt welder

Stable body structure

Insulation of the secondary conductive part can avoid short circuit accident of the insulating part when auxiliary by iron chips or installing welding workpiece.

The upper and lower electrodes are pressurized with auxiliary stroke to improve operability and versatility during welding.

The speed of the pressurized electrode can be adjusted arbitrarily to reduce the impact when pressurizing the welded object.It also reduces noise during welding.

Transformer is designed with low impedance and high quality conductive material is used in secondary circuit, which reduces internal consumption.Accurate welding of different workpieces is easily and smoothly realized by obtaining larger welding current with small input.

It is widely used in wire hardware, household electrical appliances, sheet metal processing, microelectronics and other fields.

2.5. Cooling-water machine

● The new imported famous brand compressor from Meiji and Japan is featured with built-in safety protection, low noise and durable power saving.

● The electrical part adopts the original products of international brand to ensure the stable operation and long service life of the machine.

● Imported well-known factory water pump, large flow, high efficiency, durable.

● Equipped with precise digital temperature controller, the water temperature can be accurately controlled at [1], and the set temperature range is 5 ~50%.It has the function of self-diagnosis to automatically detect unit faults and directly display the operation and fault conditions of the unit, so as to facilitate the operation and management of the unit.

● Fully stainless steel thick tank evaporator with built-in automatic water replenishing device makes cleaning convenient and maintenance quick.

● Condenser of water-cooled unit is sleeve type with threaded copper tube in sleeve, which has good heat exchange effect. Heat dissipation and cold discharge of air-cooled unit are composed of warping fins and row steel pipes. Secondary flanged warping fins mechanical pipe-raising process and advanced heat exchanger production line are adopted to achieve high quality and efficiency.

● Refrigerants such as R404A, R134a and R407C, which do not destroy the ozone layer, can be selected according to environmental protection standards of different countries and regions.